Marketplace Payments Specification

This is a document outlining the payments specification for working with the Marketplace Payments systems.

For a functional reference implementation of this specification, please check out zippy:

These docs are also available as a PDF:



In the Marketplace, sellers are the developers who are wanting to place something for sale on the app market. They will need to create an account with the payment provider:

  • Setting up a developer account so that a developer can recieve payment.
  • Registering one or more products with the payment provider.
  • Any further configuration that the product needs.
  • Confirming that data is all set up correctly.

See the developer documentation.


  • The transaction API to start the flow.
  • Pages that should be shown and hosted by the payment provider.

See the payment documentation.


  • Reporting of transactions back to developers.

See the reporting documentation documentation.

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